Efficiency Intelligence
for Energy Assets


The energy sector accounts for 73 % of greenhouse gas emissions


Global emissions of carbon dioxide had increased by 60% since 1992


About 80% of urban population is exposed to poor air quality exceeding WHO recommended limits.


Over the last 10 years, the world has spent trillion dollars to decarbonize emission


Manage assets to further
optimize the energy consumption & emissions

Our platform helps B2B organizations which look after our energy assets such as
streetlights, buildings and mobility assets.


Connected Assets with detailed fields, geotags, and ability to identify with mobile app


Project Tracker with installation and setup activities by each team member along with alerts


Maintenance & Repairs from registering the incident, until the completion of the tasks


Integration with different energy systems including IoT sensor devices


Analytics to estimate consumption, emission, forecasting savings, and predict asset health.


We are using the energy asset solution of Preflet to manage thousands of assets in several clients with real-time analytics. It supports our complete project lifecycle, from installation to operation and maintenance and integrates energy consumption information from smart streetlights.

Duarte Torres / Director of Services to Infrastructure - Ferrovial

At Ferrovial, our site engineers use Hyprism mobile app to reassure the installation of the right device on the right place. It also allows us to track installation ratio productivity. Further, we also track all the maintenance and repair activities to ensure the best service delivery to our clients. At any point in time, we know what needs to be done.

Joao Durana / Head of Energy Efficiency Services – Ferrovial Serviços


Air Quality &
Emission Optimizer

This project aim to monitor air quality to recommend concrete social and political reforms of making citizens reduce the air pollution they cause to the bare minimum.


Solving twin problem of energy consumption
and emissions

Inefficiencies of energy are at the heart of the solution to the emission challenge.
Therefore, we have set four objectives

To establish better control of data with IoT and APIs.

To optimize the air quality and emission with machine learning.

To measure the effect of e-mobility solutions on the environment

To generate proactive alerts for better planning


A four-step approach

To execute augmented intelligence projects in the context of energy and the
environment, we need to follow a holistic approach


We bring the A-Team

We bring the team of experts who understand the energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Sustainability experts: Data collection is ubiquitous in energy consumption and to solve that we have experts in sustainability area
  • Data Scientists: Making sense of all that data and unlocking new predictive insights for a better efficiency
  • IoT Developers: The utility meters needs to be connected with cloud that can be coordinated and engineered by our IoT experts
  • Communicators: We manage the complex information around utility and define communication clearly.

    To empower B2B organizations
    with efficiency intelligence technology to reach
    Net Zero Emission by 2050

    We will lead to an emission-free community where the air quality is always maintained
    and suggest proactive actions that lead to a better quality of life.